New records of Saprolegniaceae isolated from rainbow trout, from their eggs, and water in a fish farm from the State of México

María Teresa Vega-Ramírez, Martha Cecilia Moreno-Lafont, Ricardo Valenzuela-Garza, Roberto Arnulfo Cervantes-Olivares, José Miguel Aller-Gancedo, Juan Miguel Fregeneda-Grandes, José Luis Damas-Aguilar, Alina Valeria García-Flores, Rubén López-Santiago


Ten species of the family Saprolegniaceae were isolated from the fish farm “El Zarco”, State of México,
obtained from samples of influent and effluent water of the farm and from infected eggs and individual fish of rainbow
trout. Two species belong to the genus Achlya and 8 to Saprolegnia. Saprolegnia ferax is recorded for the first time
for the State of México. Achlya ambisexualis, A. heterosexualis, S. australis, S. diclinous, S. glomerata, S. parasitica,
S. terrestris, S. uliginosa and S. unispora are cited for the first time from Mexico.

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