The Pandemic of Bullying in Mexico: Urgent Social Policies

Juan Antonio Vega Báez


In a context of increasing criminal violence and operations against
criminality in México, since 2007, the primary and secondary
schools have suffered an “invasion” caused by a boom of real, discursive and symbolic violence. This article explores the national social data, confirming that school violence and, specifically, bullying has a pandemic dimension in secondary schools and is epidemic at primary schools. Here we summarize the principal programs and policies implemented to respond to this situation,
assessing the accomplishments of the international obligations for
the protection of children and adolescents against violence by the Mexican state, from a viewpoint of human and social rights. It concludes
underlining the urgent measures for strategic change, in order to accomplish integral social prevention of bullying.

Palabras clave

School violence; bullying; social policies; social prevention; children’s rights

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