A LabVIEW-based Autonomous Vehicle Navigation System using Robot Vision and Fuzzy Control

Juan Manuel Ramírez-Cortés, Pilar Gómez-Gil, Jorge Martínez-Carballido, Filiberto López-Larios


This paper describes a navigation system for an autonomous vehicle using machine vision techniques applied to real-time captured images of the track, for academic purposes. The experiment consists of the automatic navigation of a remote control car through a closed circuit. Computer vision techniques
are used for the sensing of the environment through a wireless camera. The received images are captured into the computer through the acquisition card NI USB-6009, and processed in a system developed under the LabVIEW platform, taking advantage of the toolkit for acquisition and image processing.
Fuzzy logic control techniques are incorporated for the intermediate control decisions required during the car navigation. An efficient approach based on logic machine-states is used as an optimal method to implement the changes
required by the fuzzy logic control. Results and concluding remarks are presented.

Palabras clave

fuzzy, control, robot, vision, autonomous, navigation

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