Analysis of Equivalent Circuits for Cells: A Fractional Calculus Approach

F. Gómez-Aguilar, J. Rosales-García, M. Guía-Calderón, J. Bernal-Alvarado


Fractional order systems are considered by many mathematicians the systems of the XXI century. The reason is that nature has proved to be best described in terms of systems composed of fractional order derivatives. This emerging area of research is slowly gaining more strength in engineering, biochemistry, medicine, biophysics, among others. This paper presents an analysis in the frequency domain equivalent of cellular systems described by equations of integer and fractional order; it also carries out an analysis in time domain in order to display the memory capacity of fractional systems. It presents the fractional differential equations equivalent models and simulations comparing integer and fractional order.

Palabras clave

electrical impedance; fractional calculus; fractional capacitor

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