Effect of Corrosion in the CS Operation Indoors of the Electronics Industry in the Northwest of Mexico

G. López-Badilla, A. Vega-Matus, D. Millán-Arce, J. González-Kleyton, G. Contreras-León


The electronics industry is an important factor in Mexico's economy, representing 80% of companies in the northwest of this country, where we find Mexicali (as arid zone) and Tijuana (as marine region), two cities in the state Baja California, adjacent to cities in California, USA, on the border of Mexico-United States. A study was conducted indoors in three plants of each city mentioned above, to determine if corrosion phenomena has an effect on the lifetime and productive performance of the CS. The results show that major air pollutants present indoors, that generate aggressive environments in Mexicali are the sulfides, while in Tijuana are the chlorides, which affect the functioning of the CS, and originate electrical failures in industrial equipments and machines.

Palabras clave

corrosion; control systems; climatic factors; air pollutants.

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