Optimization of Power Train and Control Strategy of a Hybrid Electric Vehicle for Maximum Energy Economy

C. Osornio-Correa, R. C. Villarreal-Calva, A. Molina-Cristóbal, J. Estavillo-Galsworthy, S. D. Santillán-Gutiérrez


A solution to increase fuel economy in Hybrid Electric Vehicles derived from physical characteristics of the vehicle, thepowertrain and the control strategy is presented. A heuristic Control Map is created to analyze the restrictions and benefits of using either of the onboard power plants under different driving conditions. The control strategy follows the Control Map with a logic that responds to the Battery State of Charge. Finally, a case study demonstrates the increase in fuel economy and charge sustainability; here, the

variables studied are submitted to a Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm Optimization.

Palabras clave

Vehículo eléctrico híbrido; la estrategia de control; optimización multi-objetivo; optimización heurística

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