Reaching High Interactive Levels with Situated Agents

S. Ibarra-Martínez, J. A. Castán-Rocha, J. Laria-Menchaca, J. Guzmán-Obando, E. Castán-Rocha


The paper presents a coordinated process through which the situated agents are capable of working jointly using knowledge about their skills to interact with other similar entities. A good coordination is reached because each situated agent is able to represent its suitability rates to perform any action in an effective way. Besides using such rates, an agent can coordinate its actions with other agents. In this sense, each situated agent tries to select and perform only the actions with the highest execution rates. Some experiments in a real robotic soccer test-bed are designed to put in practice the proposed coordinated approach. Final remarks conclude the effectiveness and advantages of the presented work in order to increase the performance of a team composed by situated agents when they must solve complex tasks in a dynamical, competitive and unpredictable scenario

Palabras clave

situated agents;autonomous mobile robots;complex tasksinteraction;cooperative methods;robot soccer;

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