Stochastic AC Optimal Power Flow Considering the Probabilistic Behavior of the Wind, Loads and Line Parameters

Juan Sebastián Giraldo Chavarriaga, Jhon Alexande Castrillón Largo, Mauricio Granada Echeverri


As is known, the insertion of new generation technologies, whether it is on transmission or distribution, has several effects on the traditional electric network, from technical changes to its regulation. There is a global interest on finding the best way to take advantage of those emerging technologies and the best way they can interact with the traditional power system. This paper proposes a methodology to exploit the maximum potential of the traditional electric network and the integration of a well-known generation technology such as the wind generation. To do so, we present a Probabilistic AC Optimal Power Flow (POPF) that takes into account load variation, wind’s stochastic behavior and variable line’s thermal rating which is usually used as a deterministic value in several studies. A validation of two proposed schemes of the Point Estimate Method (PEM) is made, not only for normal distributions but for different kinds of probability distributions, such as Weibull and generalized extreme value. Obtained results are compared with the Monte Carlo (MC) simulation indicating that the proposed method significantly reduces the computational burden while maintaining a high level of accuracy.

Palabras clave

probabilistic optimal power flow, point estimate method, wind generation, distributed generation, Monte Carlo simulation

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