Montecarlo Simulation Applied to Measurement of the Impact of the Smart Antenna Technology in Digital Cellular Systems

Josefina Castañeda-Camacho, Gerardo Mino-Aguilar, Liliana Cortez, José Eligio Moisés Gutiérrez-Arias, José Alexander Fermi Guerrero-Castellanos, Germán Ardul Muñóz-Hernández


The smart antenna technology has received increasing interest due to its capability for improving the performance of wireless radio systems. In this work, we studied the throughput maximization in a digital cellular system when a smart antenna array is implemented. We focus, in the study of the downlink of a 3G cellular system and consider a packet data direct-sequence code division, multiple access (DS-CDMA). Our methodology is based on the Montecarlo simulation technique, and it is used to show that it is possible to obtain a significant increment in the throughput of the system due to the switched beam smart antenna array. From our results we conclude that it is feasible to consider the application of this technology in 4G environments

Palabras clave

smart antenna; Monte Carlo simulation and Digital Cellular System.

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