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Vol 15, No 1

Table of Contents

Simplified performance estimation of ISM-band, OFDM-based WSNsaccording to the sensitivity/SINAD parameters PDF
Pierre van Rhyn, Gerhard P. Hancke
Mathematical model for galvanic corrosion of steel–copper couple inpetroleum waste water in presence of friendly corrosion inhibitor PDF
Anees A. Khadom, Baker M. Abod
Ti-5Al-5Mo-5V-3Cr and similar Mo equivalent alloys: First principles calculations and experimental investigations PDF
Premkumar Manda, Ashish Pathak, A. Mukhopadhyay, Uday Chakkingal, A.K. Singh
Sorption of cyanide from aqueous medium by coffee husk: Response surface methodology PDF
Mebrahtom Gebresemati, Nigus Gabbiye, Omprakash Sahu
Technical comparison of FACTS controllers in parallel connection PDF
Esther Barrios-Martínez, Cesar Ángeles-Camacho
A comprehensive embedded solution for data acquisition and communication using FPGA PDF
Venkatraman Kandadai, Moorthi Sridharan, Selvan Manickavasagam Parvathy, Raja Pitchaimuthu
Adaptive underfrequency load shedding using particle swarm optimization algorithm PDF
Abbas Ketabi, Masoud Hajiakbari Fini
A low cost framework for real-time marker based 3-D human expression modeling PDF
Alexander Woodward, Yuk Hin Chan, Rui Gong, Minh Nguyen, Trevor Gee, Patrice Delmas, Georgy Gimel’farb, Jorge Alberto Marquez Flores
A first principles calculation of Ni-16Cr and Ni-16Mo alloys PDF
Ashish Pathak, Kumud Kant Mehta, Ashok Kumar Singh
A pico-satellite assembled and tested during the 6th CanSat Leader Training Program PDF
Angel Colin

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