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Vol 13, No 3

Table of Contents

Improving speech intelligibility for binaural voice transmission under disturbing noise and reverberation using virtual speaker lateralization PDF
A.L. Padilla Ortiz, F. Orduña-Bustamante
The impact of emotions on the helpfulness of movie reviews PDF
R.  Ullah, A. Zeb, W. Kim
Analyzing and forecasting the global CO2 concentration — a collaborative fuzzy-neural agent network approach PDF
T.  Chen
Energy based reliable multicast routing protocol for packet forwarding in MANET PDF
S. Gopinath, N. Nagarajan
Development of an axial suspended AMB experimental bench for load and disturbance tests PDF
R. Gouws
Efficient data transfer in mobile ad-hoc network using OPSM for disaster response applications PDF
V. Bhanumathi, R. Dhanasekaran
Hexagonal scale invariant feature transform (H-SIFT) for facial feature extraction PDF
A. Azeem, M. Sharif, J.H. Shah, M. Raza
Comparison among some well known control schemes with different tuning methods PDF
R. Kumar, S.K. Singla, V. Chopra
Reliability optimization of electrical distribution systems using internal loops to minimize energy not-supplied (ENS) PDF
H.  Hashemi-Dezaki, H. Askarian-Abyaneh, H. Haeri-Khiavi
Discussion on key successful factors of TPM in enterprises PDF
C.-C. Shen
A proposed method for design of test cases for economic analysis in power systems PDF
J.A. Marmolejo-Saucedo, R. Rodríguez-Aguilar
Script format document authentication scheme based on watermarking techniques PDF
M. González-Lee, M. Nakano-Miyatake, H. Pérez-Meana, G. Sánchez-Pérez

Editorial Officer
Nora Elía Reyes Rocafurete