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Innovative applications of science, development of new technologies and efficient solutions to engineering needs. JART focuses on the following scientific-technological areas:
acoustic and vibrations, biomedical engineering, computers and information technology, educational software and technology, electronics and electrical engineering, material and sensors, mechanical and thermal engineering, metrology, optics, signals and image processing, telecommunications, cybernetics and systems, industrial engineering, control systems, biotechnology, nanotechnology, chemical engineering, seismic engineering and environmental engineering.

Vol 12, No 2

Table of Contents

Mass Customization in Flat Organization: The Mediating Role of Supply Chain Planning and Corporation Coordination PDF
Yinan Y, Qi Q, Mincong Tang, Min Zhang
Cooperative Supply Chain Management under Asymmetric Information
W. Y. Xu, Z. J. Zhang, D. Q. Gong
Optimization Scheduling Model of Double Line Shiplock Based on Nonlinear Goal Programming PDF (Español)
Q. H. Pang, X. Y. Wu
Food Cold Chain Equilibrium Based on Collaborative Replenishment PDF (Español)
H. J. Lan, L. Zhao, L. Su Z. G, Liu LFood Cold Chain Equilibrium Based on Collaborative Replenishment
Price and Service Competition in the Supply Chain with both Pure Play Internet and Strong Bricks-and-Mortar Retailers PDF (Español)
B. Dan, Z. J. Qu, C. Liu, X. M. Zhang, H. Y. Zhang
A Simulation Study for Emergency/Disaster Management by Applying Complex Networks Theory PDF (Español)
Li Jin, Wang Jiong, Dai Yang, Wu Huaping, Dong Wei
Hybrid SWOT Approach for Strategic Planning and Formulation in China Worldwide Express Mail Service PDF (Español)
X. P. Wang, J. Zhang, T. Yang
An Optimization Model for the Vehicle Routing Problem in Multiproduct Frozen Food Delivery PDF (Español)
Y. Zhang, X. D. Chen
Evolutionary Game Analysis of Co-opetition Relationship between Regional Logistics Nodes PDF (Español)
D. Z. Wang, M. X. Lang, Y. Sun
Referral service and customer incentive in online retail supply Chain PDF (Español)
Y. G. Chen, W. Y. Zhang, S. Q. Yang, Z. J. Wang, S. F. Chen
A Flexsim-based Optimization for the Operation Process of Cold- Chain Logistics Distribution Centre PDF (Español)
X. Zhu, R. Zhang, F. Chu, Z. He, J. Li
Ensuring a Reasonable Passenger Capacity Utilization Rate of a Train for Its Sustainably Efficient Transport PDF (Español)
X. Feng, Q. Wang, Y. Liu, B. Xu, H. Liu, Q. Sun
The Management Strategy Based on Uncertain Data of Supplies PDF (Español)
H. Piech, A. Ptak
Inventory Control by Using Speculative Strategies in Dual Channel Supply Chain PDF (Español)
A. Tetteh, Q. XuZ. Liu, Z. Liu
A Bayesian Combination Forecasting Model for Retail Supply Chain Coordination PDF (Español)
W. J. Wang, Q. Xu

Editorial Officer
Nora Elía Reyes Rocafurete