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Vol 13, No 6

Table of Contents

Prof. Roberto Ortega-Martínez (1946–2014) A remarkable promoter of optics in Mexico PDF
Gabriel Ascanio
Reversible holography and optical phase conjugation for image formation/correction using highly efficient organic photorefractive polymers PDF
José-Luis Maldonado, Víctor-Manuel Herrera-Ambriz, Mario o Rodríguez, Gabriel Ramos-Ortíz, Marco-Antonio Meneses-Nava, Oracio Barbosa-García, Rosa Santillan, Norberto Farfán
A laser spectroscopy system with combined absorption, polarization rotation and fluorescence detection to study two photon transitions in atomic rubidium PDF
Oscar López-Hernández, Santiago Hernández-Gómez, Francisco Sebastián Ponciano-Ojeda, Cristian Mojica-Casique, Ricardo Colín-Rodríguez, Jesús Flores-Mijangos, Daniel Sahagún, Fernando Ramírez-Martínez, José Jiménez-Mier
Influence of photo-detector’s dead-time on the speckle contrast for blood flow measurement PDF
N. Cruz-Ojeda, R. Porras-Aguilar, R. Ramos-Garcia, J.C. Ramirez-San-Juan
Compression of 1030-nm femtosecond pulses after nonlinear spectral broadening in Corning® HI 1060 fiber: Theory and experiment PDF
Michael E. Reilly, Richard A. McCracken, Derryck T. Reid, Carl Farrell
Norland Optical Adhesive 72® as phase holographic material PDF
Mauricio Ortiz-Gutiérrez, Arturo Olivares-Pérez, Edgar Alvarado-Méndez, Mónica Trejo-Durán, Marco Antonio Salgado-Verduzco
Fabrication and photophysical studies of CdTe quantum-dots dispersed in SiO2 sonogel optical-glasses PDF
Omar G. Morales-Saavedra, Claudio D. Gutiérrez-Lazos, Mauricio Ortega-López, Antonio A. Rodriguez-Rosales
Stability analysis of a laser with two modulated saturable absorbers PDF
Oscar Andres Naranjo-Montoya
Efficient conversion from infrared to red light by cascaded nonlinear optical processes using an aperiodically poled lithium niobate crystal PDF
Juan Eduardo González, Luis Antonio Ríos, Diego Rubén Yankelevich, Roger Sean Cudney
Beam profile analyzer for CO2 lasers PDF
Rubén López, Ricardo Villagómez

Editorial Officer
Nora Elía Reyes Rocafurete