A Fast Simulation Method for Wave Transformation Processes In Coastal Zones

I.E Herrera-Díaz, C. Couder-Castañeda, H. Ramírez León


We develop a numerical model based on the mild-slope equation of water wave propagation over complex

bathymetrys, taking into account the combined effects of refraction, diffraction and reflection due to protection

structures. The numerical method was developed using a split proposed version of the mild-slope equation in elliptical

form and solved by an implicit method in a finite volume mesh, this technique easily allows the modeling of the wave

transformations caused by the protection structures in coastal waters, where industrial and other economic activities

take place. Study cases controlled have been made and the results match very well with the reference solution. The

capability and utility of the model for coastal areas are illustrated by its application to the breakwater of the Laguna

Verde Nuclear Power Plant (LVNPP) and the protection structure of the Nautical Marine named “Los Ayala”.


near-shore, wave transformation, protection structures, implicit method

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