A Color LED Driver Implemented by the Active Clamp Forward Converter

C. H. Chang, H. L. Cheng, C. A. Cheng, E. C. Chang


Because light emitting diodes (LEDs) have the advantages of dc working voltage, high luminescent efficiency, shortignition time, high reliability and pollution free, they have substituted for incandescent bulbs and fluorescent lampsgradually. In order to simplify circuit complexity, an active clamp forward converter with the sequential color display(SCD) control is proposed to drive red, green and blue (RGB) LED arrays. The proposed converter has zero-voltageswitching (ZVS) operations of both the main switch and the auxiliary switch, resulting in high system efficiency. DrivingRGB LED arrays sequentially by one converter can save components and reduce cost significantly. Additionally, thepulse-width modulation (PWM) control is applied to achieve a large chromaticity variation. The circuit operations areanalyzed in detail and the circuit parameters are designed based on the practical considerations. Finally, an illustrativeexample is implemented to demonstrate the feasibility and validity of the proposed LED driver.


Light emitting diode (LED); active clamp forward converter; sequential color display (SCD).

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