A Flexsim-based Optimization for the Operation Process of Cold- Chain Logistics Distribution Centre

X. Zhu, R. Zhang, F. Chu, Z. He, J. Li


With people’s increasing concern about food safety, cold-chain logistics distribution centre is playing an important rolein preventing food from going bad. Now cold-chain logistics distribution centres have the problems of too muchtransportation, low degree of automation, unreasonable layout planning, complex distribution process etc. It isimportant to solve these problems in order to achieve efficient distribution. Firstly the modeling and simulation for theoperation process of a fruits and vegetables cold-chain logistics distribution centre by using Flexsim software isrealized. Then the paper analyses the preliminary output data and finds out the bottleneck and idle resources. Finallythis paper makes adjustments for the system to get a better result which hopes to give a reference for the modelingand simulation for the operation process of other cold-chain logistics distribution centres.


Cold Chain Logistics; Distribution Centre; Operation Process; Modeling and Simulation; Flexsim; Optimization

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