Analytical and Numerical funicular analysis by means of the Parametric Force Density Method

C. Cercadillo-García


The funicular concept has often been used in different stages of structural analysis and design. This paper presents two new methods: Analytical,A-FDM, and Numerical method, N-FDM, based on a parametric application of the original Force Density Method (FDM). This is an especiallyuseful way of visualizing a set of solutions and optimizing, i.e. selecting one specific funicular related to a set of constraints. Two structuralalgorithms are implemented iteratively with Maple®in real time, and output is also linked to AutoCAD®. Maple®facilitates control of geometricalconstraints, while AutoCAD®helps to show all parameterized data. Because of their practical interest, special emphasis is placed on masonrystructures using a Limit Analysis approach and preliminary design. Examples of the application of both methods are depicted


Form-finding; Parametric; Force Density Method; Funicular analysis; Masonry structures; Preliminary design

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