Synthesis of nanostructured metal–, semiconductor–, and metal/semiconductor–mordenite composites from geothermal waste

Oscar E. Jaime-Acuña, Humberto Villavicencio-García, Rogelio Vázquez-González, Vitalii Petranovskii, Oscar Raymond-Herrera


Successful synthesis of metal–, semiconductor–, and metal/semiconductor–mordenite nanocomposites, using geothermal solid waste as precursoris reported. Powders of nanostructured composites, consisting of metal and/or semiconductor nanoparticles grown on a mordenite-type zeoliticmatrix surface, were synthesized by a one-step solvent-free and organic template-free process. The developed methodology is capable of controllingand tuning the final properties of composites from their synthesis and is also reproducible and repeatable. For comparison and demonstration of theapplication of the final products, dye photocatalysis degradation tests were done using commercial TiO2 as reference (degradation reached ∼75%in 215 min, k = 0.004 min−1), [M]–S–MOR samples revealed better performance (≥95% in 100 min, k = 0.009 min−1).


Organic pollution remediation; Multifunctional nanocomposites; Aqueous synthesis; Photocatalysis; Geothermal waste remediation

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