A dedicated electric oven for characterization of thermoresistive polymer nanocomposites

M. Cen-Puc, G. Pool, F. Avilés, A. May-Pat, S. Flores, J. Lugo, G. Torres, L. Gus, A. I. Oliva, J. E. Corona


The construction, characterization and control of an electric oven dedicated to the study of thermoresistive polymer nanocomposites is presented. The oven is designed with a heating plate capable of reaching 300◦C with a resolution of 0.3◦C and an area of uniform temperature of3.8 cm × 2.5 cm. The temperature is regulated by means of a discrete proportional–integral–derivative controller. A heat transfer model comprisingthree coupled non-linear differential equations is proposed to predict the thermal profiles of the oven during heating and cooling, which are experimentally verified. The oven is used for thermoresistive characterization of polymer nanocomposites manufactured from a polysulfone polymerand multiwall  carbon nanotubes.


Electric oven; Discrete PID controller; Polymer nanocomposite; Thermoresistive

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