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Digital Modulator and Demodulator IC for RFID Tag Employing DSSS and Barker Code PDF
M. S. Amin, M. B. I. Reaz, J. Jalil, L. F. Rahman
Design of a Composite Drive Shaft and its Coupling for Automotive Application PDF
M. R. Khoshravan, A. Paykani
Hardware Approach of R-Peak Detection for the Measurement of Fetal and Maternal Heart Rates PDF
M. A. Hasan, Md Mamun
FSM State-Encoding for Area and Power Minimization Using Simulated Evolution Algorithm PDF
Sadiq M. Sait, F. C. Oughali, A. M. Arafeh
Computer-Based Acoustic Detector for Determining the Type and Concentration of a Solution PDF
Tariq M. Younes
An Effective Capacity Estimation Scheme in IEEE802.11-based Ad Hoc Networks PDF
H. Zafar, D. Harle, I. Andonovic, L. Hasan, S. Mahmud
Sensitivity Analysis for Interval-valued Fully Fuzzy Linear Programming Problems PDF
Neha Bhatia, Amit Kumar
PIC32-Based Scheme for Signaling and Transferring Images From an FFT-CCD Sensor Through USB PDF
A. Serrano, J. C. Vélez, M. Calle
A Comparison of Redundancy Techniques for Private and Hybrid Cloud Storage PDF
E.M. Hernandez-Ramirez, V.J. Sosa-Sosa, I. Lopez-Arevalo
Panchromatic Satellite Image Classification for Flood Hazard Assessment PDF
Ahmed Shaker, Wai Yeung Yan, Nagwa El-Ashmawy
A Recurrent Neural Network for Warpage Prediction in Injection Molding PDF
A. Alvarado-Iniesta, D.J. Valles-Rosales, J.L. García-Alcaraz, A. Maldonado-Macias
Performance versus Power Analysis for Bioinformatics Sequence Alignment PDF
L. Hasan, H. Zafar
Performance of a New Enhanced Topological Decision-Rule Map-Matching Algorithm for Transportation Applications PDF
C. Blazquez, P. Miranda, A. Ponce
A New Approach For the Ranking of Fuzzy Sets With Different Heights PDF
Pushpinder Singh
Object Detection with Vocabularies of Space-time Descriptors PDF
Y. Hernandez-Heredia, J.M.a González-Linares, N. Guil, J. Ortiz, R. Hernandez, J.R. Cózar

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