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Using Object's Contour, Form and Depth to Embed Recognition Capability into Industrial Robots PDF
I. López-Juárez, M. Castelán, F.J. Castro-Martínez, M. Peña-Cabrera, R. Osorio-Comparan
Semiconductor Light-Controlled Instrument Transducer with Direct PWM Output for Automatic Control Systems PDF
O. Malik, F. J. De la Hidalga-W
Chaotic Synchronization in Nearest-Neighbor Coupled Networks of 3D CNNs PDF
H. Serrano-Guerrero, C. Cruz-Hernández, R.M. López-Gutiérrez, L. Cardoza-Avendaño, R.A. Chávez- Pérez
A Method with Node Autonomy to Preserve QoS in Networks with Per- Route Admission PDF
A. Mateos-Papis
The Euler-Poincaré Formula Through Contact Surfaces of Voxelized Objects PDF
H. Sánchez-Cruz, H. Sossa-Azuela, U-D. Braumann, E. Bribiesca
Current Transformer Saturation Detection Using Gaussian Mixture Models PDF
M. Moghimi Haji, B. Vahidi, S. H. Hosseinian
Optimization of Turning Operations by Using a Hybrid Genetic Algorithm with Sequential Quadratic Programming PDF
A. Belloufi, M. Assas, I. Rezgui
The Event Management Problem in a Container Terminal PDF
Lorena Bearzotti, Rosa Gonzalez, Pablo Miranda
Experimental Assessment of Derating Guidelines Applied to Power Electronics Converters PDF
S. E. De León-Aldaco, J. H. Calleja-Gjumlich, H. R. Jiménez-Grajales, F. I. Chan-Puc
Implementation of a 10.24 GS/s 12-bit Optoelectronics Analog-to- Digital Converter Based on a Polyphase Demultiplexing Architecture PDF
C. Villa-Angulo, I. O. Hernandez-Fuentes, R. Villa-Angulo, S. E. Ahumada-Valdez, R. A. Ramos- Irigoyen, E. Donkor
Elimination of Harmonics in Multilevel Inverters Connected to Solar Photovoltaic Systems Using ANFIS: An Experimental Case Study PDF
T. R.Sumithira, A. Nirmal Kumar
Experimental Studies on Intelligent, Wearable and Automated Wireless Mobile Tele-Alert System for Continuous Cardiac Surveillance PDF
S. Palanivel Rajan, R. Sukanesh
Controller Design of STATCOM for Power System Stability Improvement Using Honey Bee Mating Optimization PDF
A. Safari, A. Ahmadian, M. A. A. Golkar
Effectiveness of Wavelet Denoising on Electroencephalogram Signals PDF
Md. Mamun, Mahmoud Al-Kadi, Mohd. Marufuzzaman
A Novel Web-based Human Advisor Fuzzy Expert System PDF
Vahid Rafe, Mahdi Hassani Goodarzi

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