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A Three-Dimensional Position Architecture Using Digital TDE Receiver and Cylindrical Array Antenna PDF
J. Mar, S. R. Wu, Y. T. Wang, K. C. Tsai
Voltage Control of PM Synchronous Motor Driven PM Synchronous Generator System Using Recurrent Wavelet Neural Network Controller PDF
C. H. Lin, C. P. Lin
A New Design Methodology for Composing Complex Digital Systems PDF
S. L. Chu, M. J. Lo
An OFDM Carrier Frequency Offset Estimation Scheme with Wide Fractional Offset Estimation Range PDF
C. Yu, Y. Lee, S. Y. Kim, G. I. Jee, S. Yoon
Partition-Based Hybrid Decoding (PHD): A Class of ML Decoding Schemes for MIMO Signals Based on Tree Partitioning and Combined Depth- and Breadth-First Search PDF
J. I. Park, Y. Lee, S. Yoon
Design of Plasma Generator Driven by High-frequency High-voltage Power Supply PDF
C. Yong-Nong, K. Chih-Ming
Performance Analysis of Dual Unipolar/Bipolar Spectral Code in Optical CDMA Systems PDF
C. T. Yen, H. C. Cheng, Y. T. Chang, W. B. Chen
Mixed-Integer Constrained Optimization Based on Memetic Algorithm PDF
Y. C. Lin
Adjacent Lane Detection and Lateral Vehicle Distance Measurement Using Vision-Based Neuro-Fuzzy Approaches PDF
C. F. Wu, C. J. Lin, H. Y. Lin, H. Chung
A Blind Data Hiding Technique with Error Correction Abilities and a High Embedding Payload PDF
H. Y. Liang, C. H. Cheng, C. Y. Yang, K. F. Zhang
Enhanced Mechanisms for Navigation and Tracking Services in Smart Phones PDF
L.-C. Chen, Y.-C. Lai, Y.-H. Yeh, J.-W. Lin, C.-N. Lai, H.-C. Weng
A Color LED Driver Implemented by the Active Clamp Forward Converter PDF
C. H. Chang, H. L. Cheng, C. A. Cheng, E. C. Chang
A Positioning Scheme Combining Location Tracking with Vision Assisting for Wireless Sensor Networks PDF
F. Tsai, Y.-S. Chiou, H. Chang
A PID Positioning Controller with a Curve Fitting Model Based on RFID Technology PDF
Young-Long Chen, Zhi-Rong Chen

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