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Reexamination of "Combining an alternative multi-delivery policy into economic production lot size problem with partial rework" Using an Alternative Approach PDF
Y-S. P. Chiu, K-K. Chen, F-T. Cheng, C-K. Ting
A Multiobjective Algorithm for Redistricting PDF
E. A. Rincón-García, M. A. Gutiérrez-Andrade, S. G. de-los-Cobos-Silva, P. Lara-Velázquez, A. S. Ponsich, R. A. Mora-Gutiérrez
High-Speed Decoding of the Binary Golay Code PDF
H. P. Lee, C. H. Chang, S. I. Chu
Dynamic Self-Assessment of Supply Chains Performance: an Emerging Market Approach PDF
M Cedillo Campos, C Sánchez Ramírez
Experimental Estimation of Slipping in the Supporting Point of a Biped Robot PDF
J.A. Vázquez, M. Velasco-Villa
Computing the Euler Number of a Binary Image Based on a Vertex Codification PDF
J. H. Sossa-Azuela, R. Santiago-Montero, M. Pérez-Cisneros, E. Rubio-Espino
Grid Multiscroll Hyperchaotic Attractors Based on Colpitts Oscillator Mode with Controllable Grid Gradient and Scroll Numbers PDF
Fei Yu, Chunhua Wang, Haizhen He
A Ranking Approach for Intuitionistic Fuzzy Numbers and its Application PDF
Amit Kumar, Manjot Kaur
Dimension Estimation of Rectangular Cracks Using Impedance Changes of the Eddy Current Probe with a Neural Network PDF
A. Babaei, A. A. Suratgar, A.H. Salemi
Joint Power and Beam Angle Control for Energy Efficiency in Lighting Control Systems PDF
I. Din, J. Kim, H. Kim
Comprehensive Comparison of Schedulability Tests for Uniprocessor Rate-Monotonic Scheduling PDF
Arnoldo Díaz-Ramírez, Pedro Mejía-Alvarez, Luis E. Leyva-del-Foyo
Improved Detection Performance of Cognitive Radio Networks in AWGN and Rayleigh Fading Environments PDF
Ying Loong Lee, Wasan Kadhim Saad, Ayman Abd El-Saleh, Mahamod Ismail
Loose Coupling Based Reference Scheme for Shop Floor-Control System/Production-Equipment Integration PDF
J. Acosta-Cano, F. Sastrón-Báguena
Optical Switching and Spatial Routing by a Delay-Controlled Optical Emitter PDF
A. Ramírez, R. Gómez, A. Zehe

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