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Perceptual Zero-Tree Coding with Efficient Optimization for Embedded Platforms PDF
B. F. Wu, H. Y. Huang, J. H. Wang, C. J. Chen, Y. L. Chen
GPS/INS Integration Accuracy Enhancement Using the Interacting Multiple Model Nonlinear Filters PDF
D.J. Jwo, F.C. Chung, K.L. Yu
Cultural Evolution Algorithm for Global Optimizations and its Applications PDF
H. C. Kuo, C. H. Lin
Research on Optimized Problem-solving Solutions: Selection of the Production Process PDF
C. K. Ke
The Convergence Scheme on Network Utility Maximization in Wireless Multicast Networks PDF
Y. Chen, G. Gao, S.B. Liao, H.Y. Yang, S. Wang
RSVP Extensions for Seamless Handoff in Heterogeneous WLAN/WiMAX Networks PDF
N. C. Wang, Y. K. Chiang, S. M. Wei
Integral Imaging Based 3-D Image Encryption Algorithm Combined with Cellular Automata PDF
X. W. Li, D. H. Kim, S. J. Cho, S. T. Kim
Bilateral Waveform Similarity Overlap-and-Add Based Packet Loss Concealment for Voice over IP PDF
J.F. Yeh, P.C. Lin, M.D. Kuo, Z.H. Hsu
Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process for Risk Assessment to General- assembling of Satellite PDF
J. Tian Tian, Z.F. Yan
A Kind of New Multicast Routing Algorithm for Application of Internet of Things PDF
G. Li Li, D. G. Zhang, K. Zheng, X. C. Ming, Z. H. Pan, K. W. Jiang
Structure Learning of Bayesian Networks by Estimation of Distribution Algorithms with Transpose Mutation PDF
D.W. Kim, S. Ko, B.Y. Kang Kang
Smart-card-loss-attack and Improvement of Hsiang et al.’s Authentication Scheme PDF
Y. C. Lee
Adaptive Transmission Opportunity Scheme Based on Delay Bound and Network Load in IEEE 802.11e Wireless LANs PDF
S. Kim Kim, Y.J. Cho Cho
Throughput Analysis Model for IEEE 802.11e EDCA with Multiple Access Categories PDF
Y. Lee Lee

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