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A Study of Different Subsequence Elimination Strategies for the Soft Drink Production Planning PDF
M. Maldonado, S. Rangel, D. Ferreira
Assessing the Value of Delay to Short-Haul Carriers PDF
Q. Miao, X. B. Wang, T. M. Adams
Efficient Frontier for Multi-Objective Stochastic Transportation Networks in International Market of Perishable Goods PDF
A. Bustos, L. Herrera, E. Jiménez
Supply Chain Strategies for the International Interoceanic Mazatlan- Houston Logistic Corridor PDF
G. de la O, T. Matis
Determination of Network Configuration Considering Inventory Cost in a Supply Chain PDF
N. M. Hernández González, A. Álvarez Socarrás, M. Mata Pérez
Supply Chain Disruptions Propagation Caused by Criminal Acts PDF
M. G. Cedillo-Campos, G. Pérez-Salas, A. Bueno-Solano, R. G. González-Ramírez, E. Jímenez- Sánchez
Order Variability Decomposition: A New Variability Measure on Real Data PDF
M. M. Monsreal, J. A. Royo, M. P. Lambán
Two-Phase Decision Support Methodology for Design and Planning an Outcome-Driven Supply Chain PDF
A. Álvarez-Socarrás, A. Báez-Olvera, F. López-Irarragorri
Approximate Packing Circles in a Rectangular Container: Valid Inequalities and Nesting PDF
I. Litvinchev, E. L. Ozuna
Dynamic Evaluation of Production Policies: Improving the Coordination of an Ethanol Supply Chain PDF
M. A. Rendón-Sagardi, C. Sánchez-Ramírez, G. Cortés-Robles, G. Alor-Hernández, L. A. Moncayo-Martínez
A Parameter Free BBN Discriminant Function for Optimum Model Complexity versus Goodness of Data Fitting PDF
M. Naeem, S. Asghar
Hybrid Non-Blind Watermarking Based on DWT and SVD PDF
O. Jane, E. Elbaşı, H. G. İlk
Application of Different Algorithms to Optimal Design of Canal Sections PDF
A. Kentli, O. Mercan
Vehicle Handling Improvement with Steer-by-Wire System Using Hardware in the Loop Method PDF
V. Tavoosi, R. Kazemi, S. M. Hosseini
Synchronization of Irregular Complex Networks with Chaotic Oscillators: Hamiltonian Systems Approach PDF
C. Posadas-Castillo, E. Garza-González, D. A. Diaz-Romero, E. Alcorta-García, C. Cruz-Hernández
Harmonic Distorted Load Control in a Microgrid PDF
A. Khaledian, B. Vahidi, M. Abedi
A GPS-aided Inertial Navigation System in Direct Configuration PDF
R. Munguía
An Energy Efficient Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks using A-star Algorithm PDF
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