Table of Contents

The Effect of Added Dead Space on Optimal Neuro-Muscular Drive and Respiratory Signals under Hypercapnia PDF
S. L. Lin, H. C. Chang, C. Y. Huang
Fingerprint Recognition by Multi-objective Optimization PSO Hybrid with SVM PDF
Ching-Tang Hsieh, Chia-Shing Hu
Time and Energy Efficient DVS Scheduling for Real-Time Pinwheel Tasks PDF
Chen Da-Ren, Chen Young-Long, Chen You-Shyang
Recommendation-Aware Smartphone Sensing System PDF
Mu-Yen Chen, Ming-Ni Wu, Chia-Chen Chen, Young-Long Chen, Hsien-En Lin
Simulation and Implementation of an Integrated TDOA/AOA Monitoring System for Preventing Broadcast Interference PDF
Yao-Tang Chang
Improvement of the ElGamal Based Remote Authentication Scheme Using Smart Cards PDF
Yung-Cheng Lee, Yi-Chih Hsieh, Pei-Ju Lee, Peng-Sheng You
A Low-Complexity Integer Frequency Offset Estimation Scheme Using Combined Training Symbols for OFDM Systems PDF
Y. Lee, S. R. Lee, S. Yoo, H. Liu, S. Yoon
Cyclostationarity-Based Detection of Randomly Arriving or Departing Signals PDF
S. R. Lee, S. Yoo, H. Liu, S. Yoon, Y. Lee
Three-Dimensional Image Security System Combines the Use of Smart Mapping Algorithm and Fibonacci Transformation Technique PDF
Xiao-Wei Li, Sung-Jin Cho, In-Kwon Lee, Seok-Tae Kim
An Unambiguous Tracking Scheme Using Partial-Pulses for BOC Signals PDF
Y. Lee, S. R. Lee, S. Yoo, H. Liu, S. Yoon
Automatic Generation of Facial Expression Using Triangular Geometric Deformation PDF
Jia-Shing Sheu, Tsu-Shien Hsieh, Ho-Nien Shou
Enhanced Differential Evolution Based on Adaptive Mutation and Wrapper Local Search Strategies for Global Optimization Problems PDF
Chun-Liang Lu, Shih-Yuan Chiu, Chih-Hsu Hsu, Shi-Jim Yen
Solving the Partial Differential Problems Using Maple PDF
Chii-Huei Yu
Modified Neural Network for Dynamic Control and Operation of a Hybrid Generation Systems PDF
Cong-Hui Huang
Optimal Yield Rate in ACF Cutting Process of TFT-LCD Module Using Orthogonal Particle Swarm Optimization Based on Response Surface Design PDF
Jian-Long Kuo, Ming-Te Cheng
Efficient Workload Balancing on Heterogeneous GPUs using Mixed- Integer Non-Linear Programming PDF
Chih-Sheng Lin, Chih-Wei Hsieh, Hsi-Ya Chang, Pao-Ann Hsiung
Robust Exponential Stability for Uncertain Discrete-Time Switched Systems with Interval Time-Varying Delay through a Switching Signal PDF
Jenq-Der Chen, I-Te Wu, Chang-Hua Lien, Chin-Tan Lee, Ruey-Shin Chen, Ker-Wei Yu

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