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Carbon nanotube-reinforced aluminum composite produced by induction melting PDF
Muhammad Mansoor, Muhammad Shahid
Influence of HCl on the NPs-CdSe synthesis prepared by the colloidal method PDF
J. Sarmiento Arellano, A. K. Vega, E. Rosendo-Andrés, T. Díaz-Becerril, R. Romano-Trujillo, A. I. Oliva, W. De la Cruz, J. M. Lugo, C. Morales-Ruíz, R. Galeazzi-Isasmendi, G. García-Salgado, F. G. Nieto
Synthesis of nanostructured metal–, semiconductor–, and metal/semiconductor–mordenite composites from geothermal waste PDF
Oscar E. Jaime-Acuña, Humberto Villavicencio-García, Rogelio Vázquez-González, Vitalii Petranovskii, Oscar Raymond-Herrera
Heating ability and hemolysis test of magnetite nanoparticles obtained by a simple co-precipitation method PDF
B. I. Macías-Martínez, D. A. Cortés-Hernández, A. Zugasti-Cruz, B. R. Cruz-Ortíz, E. M. Múzquiz-Ramos
Development of non-contact structural health monitoring system for machine tools PDF
Deepam Goyal, B. S. Pabla
A rotary electromagnetic microgenerator for energy harvesting from human motions PDF
Mehdi Niroomand, Hamid Reza Foroughi
A dedicated electric oven for characterization of thermoresistive polymer nanocomposites PDF
M. Cen-Puc, G. Pool, F. Avilés, A. May-Pat, S. Flores, J. Lugo, G. Torres, L. Gus, A. I. Oliva, J. E. Corona
Lifetime modeling of silica optical fiber in static fatigue test PDF
Noëlla Evano, Rochdi El Abdi, Marcel Poulain
Retraction notice to “Buyer-Supplier Transport Access Measures for Industry Clusters” [JART 12 (2014) 839–849] PDF
Sharada Vadali Shailesh Chandra

Editorial Coordinator
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