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E. Garda, M. Guzmán, D. Torres
Vol 9, No 01 A Hybrid Metaheuristic Approach to Optimize the Districting Design of Abstract   PDF
R.G. González-Ramírez, N. R. Smith, R. G. Askin, Pablo A. Miranda, J.M. Sánchez
Vol 11, No 4 A Kind of New Multicast Routing Algorithm for Application of Internet of Things Abstract   PDF
G. Li Li, D. G. Zhang, K. Zheng, X. C. Ming, Z. H. Pan, K. W. Jiang
Vol 14, No 5 A kinetic, equilibrium and thermodynamic study of l-phenylalanine adsorption using activated carbon based on agricultural waste (date stones) Abstract   PDF
Badreddine Belhamdi, Zoulikha Merzougui, Mohamed Trari, Abdelhamid Addoun
Vol 13, No 6 A laser spectroscopy system with combined absorption, polarization rotation and fluorescence detection to study two photon transitions in atomic rubidium Abstract   PDF
Oscar López-Hernández, Santiago Hernández-Gómez, Francisco Sebastián Ponciano-Ojeda, Cristian Mojica-Casique, Ricardo Colín-Rodríguez, Jesús Flores-Mijangos, Daniel Sahagún, Fernando Ramírez-Martínez, José Jiménez-Mier
Vol 15, No 1 A low cost framework for real-time marker based 3-D human expression modeling Abstract   PDF
Alexander Woodward, Yuk Hin Chan, Rui Gong, Minh Nguyen, Trevor Gee, Patrice Delmas, Georgy Gimel’farb, Jorge Alberto Marquez Flores
Vol 12, No 6 A Low-Complexity Integer Frequency Offset Estimation Scheme Using Combined Training Symbols for OFDM Systems Abstract   PDF
Y. Lee, S. R. Lee, S. Yoo, H. Liu, S. Yoon
Vol 11, No 6 A Meta-planing Systemic Model for Mexican Public Universities Abstract   PDF
R. Llarena del Rosario, F. Lara-Rosano
Vol 11, No 1 A Method with Node Autonomy to Preserve QoS in Networks with Per- Route Admission Abstract   PDF
A. Mateos-Papis
Vol 10, No 5 A Methodology to Simulate Induction Motor Dynamic Performance in the ABC Reference Frame Considering Mixed Eccentricity Effects Abstract   PDF (Español)
R. Flores-Angeles, D. Olguín-Salinas
Vol 13, No 2 A mobile medical QR-code authentication system and its automatic FICE image evaluation application Abstract   PDF
Yi-Ying Chang, Sheng-Lei Yan, Pin-Zhi Lin, Huai-Bin Zhong, Jacques Marescaux, Jenn-Lung Su, Min-Liang Wang, Pei-Yuan Lee
Vol 12, No 3 A Model and Solution Method for Solving the Real-world and Complex Problem of Scheduling Visits to Customers Abstract   PDF
M.G. Baldoquin de la Peña, A. Escalera Fariñas, R. Linfati
Vol 8, No 01 A model to design effective Production Improvement Programs Abstract   PDF
T Bautista, E M López Ortega, J Zubieta, S Macías
Vol 10, No 4 A Multi-Agent System Approach Applied to Light Raycasting Abstract   PDF
H. Andrade, F. Ramos, Y. Kotsarenko
Vol 11, No 3 A Multiobjective Algorithm for Redistricting Abstract   PDF
E. A. Rincón-García, M. A. Gutiérrez-Andrade, S. G. de-los-Cobos-Silva, P. Lara-Velázquez, A. S. Ponsich, R. A. Mora-Gutiérrez
Vol 10, No 3 A Multiobjective Approach for the Heuristic Optimization of Compactness and Homogeneity in the Optimal Zoning Abstract   PDF
B. Bernábe-Loranca, C. A. Coello-Coello, M. Osorio-Lama
Vol 12, No 3 A Network QoS Framework for Real-time Event Systems in highly Mobile Ad-hoc Environments Abstract   PDF
H. A. Duran-Limon, M. Siller, M. Hernandez-Ochoa, C. Quevedo, V. Robles
Vol 10, No 6 A New Approach For the Ranking of Fuzzy Sets With Different Heights Abstract   PDF
Pushpinder Singh
Vol 11, No 2: Issue_11_2 A New Design Methodology for Composing Complex Digital Systems Abstract   PDF
S. L. Chu, M. J. Lo
Vol 8, No 03 A new experimental ground vehicle with hybrid control and hybrid vision sensor Abstract   PDF
J. M. Rendón-Mancha, G. Sanahuja, P. Castillo, R. Lozano
Vol 9, No 03 A New Variable Step-Size NLMS Algorithm and its Performance Evaluation in Echo Cancelling Applications Abstract   PDF (Español)
F. M. Casco-Sánchez, R. C. Medina-Ramírez, M. López-Guerrero
Vol 13, No 1 A Nonlinear Hybrid Filter for Salt & Pepper Noise Removal from Color Images Abstract   PDF
Isma Irum, Muhammad Sharif, Mudassar Raza, Sajjad Mohsin
Vol 8, No 01 A Novel Topological Multicast Routing Algorithm (ToMuRo) Abstract   PDF
R Aquino Santos, L A Villaseñor González, V Rangel Licea, A González Potes, M A García Ruiz, A Edwards Block
Vol 11, No 1 A Novel Web-based Human Advisor Fuzzy Expert System Abstract   PDF
Vahid Rafe, Mahdi Hassani Goodarzi
Vol 13, No 1 A Novel “Single-Path” vs. “Few-Path” Test Based on Higher Order Statistics to Possibly Start-Up Coherent Combining Abstract   PDF (Español)   5
F. Benedetto, G. Giunta, E. Guzzon
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