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Vol 13, No 3 Analyzing and forecasting the global CO2 concentration — a collaborative fuzzy-neural agent network approach Abstract   PDF
T.  Chen
Vol 12, No 1 AnaPro, Tool for Identification and Resolution of Direct Anaphora in Spanish Abstract   PDF
I. Toledo-Gómez, E. Valtierra-Romero, A. Guzmán-Arenas, A. Cuevas-Rasgado, L. Méndez-Segundo
Vol 6, No 02 ANN analysis in a vision approach for potato inspection Abstract   PDF
R. Rios-Cabrera, I Lopez-Juarez, Hsieh Sheng-Jen
Vol 2, No 03: vol_2_num_03 Antennas array adjust with Adaptive Neuronal System Abstract   PDF
A. Padrón, J. I. Garduño, A. A. Herrera, R. Prieto
Vol 12, No 4 Application of Different Algorithms to Optimal Design of Canal Sections Abstract   PDF
A. Kentli, O. Mercan
Vol 8, No 02 Application of nonlinear compensation to limit input dynamic range in analog optical fiber links Abstract   PDF
J. Rodriguez, J. Velazquez, R. Garduno, J. Montero
Vol 14, No 6 Application of poly(aspartic acid-citric acid) copolymer compound inhibitoras an effective and environmental agent against calcium phosphate in coolingwater systems Abstract   PDF
Yu-ling Zhang, Cai-xia Zhao, Xiao-dong Liu, Wei Li, Jiao-long Wang, Zhi-guang Hu
Vol 10, No 2 Applying Non-Steady-State Photo-Emf Technique to Detection of Higher Order Auto Correlation Functions of Ultrashort Optical Pulses Abstract   PDF
P. Moreno Zarate, Alexandre S. Shcherbakov, Svetlana Mansurova
Vol 13, No 2 Applying novel fractional order incremental conductance algorithm to design and study the maximum power tracking of small wind power systems Abstract   PDF
Kuo Nan Yu, Chih Kang Liao
Vol 1, No 01: vol_1_num_01 Applying the logo environment: learning, doing and discovery through computerized learning projects Abstract   PDF
M. A. Murray Lasso
Vol 12, No 4 Approximate Packing Circles in a Rectangular Container: Valid Inequalities and Nesting Abstract   PDF
I. Litvinchev, E. L. Ozuna
Vol 12, No 4 Assessing the Value of Delay to Short-Haul Carriers Abstract   PDF
Q. Miao, X. B. Wang, T. M. Adams
Vol 1, No 03: vol_1_num_03 Asynchronous measurement of CDV in ATM networks using OAM cells Abstract   PDF
Vol 13, No 1 Automated Multi-Contrast Brain Pathological Area Extraction from 2D MR Images Abstract   PDF (Español)
P. Dvořák, K. Bartušek, W. G. Kropatsch, Z. Smékal
Vol 10, No 3 Automatic Building of an Ontology from a Corpus of Text Documents Using Data Mining Tools Abstract   PDF (Español)
J. I. Toledo-Alvarado, G. L. Martínez-Luna
Vol 2, No 01: vol_2_num_01 Automatic control system for Torque National Standard Abstract   PDF
J. Galván-Mancilla, J. C. Torres-Guzmán
Vol 12, No 6 Automatic Generation of Facial Expression Using Triangular Geometric Deformation Abstract   PDF
Jia-Shing Sheu, Tsu-Shien Hsieh, Ho-Nien Shou
Vol 7, No 01 Automatic synthesis of 2D‐n‐scrolls chaotic systems by behavioral modeling Abstract   PDF
J. M. Muñoz-Pacheco, E. Tlelo-Cuautle
Vol 1, No 01: vol_1_num_01 Automatic system for localization and recognition of vehicle plate numbers Abstract   PDF
N. Vázquez, M. Nakano, H. Pérez-Meana
Vol 8, No 02 Automation Of An I-V Characterization System Abstract   PDF
J. R. Noriega, A. Vera-Marquina, C. Acosta Enríquez
D. C. Rlvero-Ramírez, C. Garda-Trapaga, N. Pavón-Gonzalez, F. Quiles-La Torre, J. Benavides-Benitez, E. Draz-Bernal, D. Mollna-Rodríguez
Vol 10, No 3 Average Air Temperature Inside a Room With a Semitransparent Wall With a Solar Control Film: Effect of The Emissivity Abstract   PDF (Español)
J. Xamán, G. Álvarez, Y. Chávez, J.O. Aguilar, J. Arce
Vol 13, No 6 Beam profile analyzer for CO2 lasers Abstract   PDF
Rubén López, Ricardo Villagómez
Vol 7, No 02 Behavior of quantization noise for sinusoidal signals. A revision. Abstract   PDF
P. R. Pérez-Alcázar, A. Santos
Vol 11, No 4 Bilateral Waveform Similarity Overlap-and-Add Based Packet Loss Concealment for Voice over IP Abstract   PDF
J.F. Yeh, P.C. Lin, M.D. Kuo, Z.H. Hsu
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