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Vol 10, No 3 Binaural Speech Intelligibility and Interaural Cross-Correlation Under Disturbing Noise and Reverberation Abstract   PDF (Español)
A. L. Padilla-Ortíz, F. Orduña‐Bustamante
Vol 7, No 03 Binocular visual tracking and grasping of a moving object with a 3D trajectory Abstract   PDF
J. Fuentes-Pacheco, J. Ruiz-Ascencio, J. M. Rendón-Mancha
Vol 14, No 5 Biosynthesis of PVA encapsulated silver nanoparticles Abstract   PDF
Sharmila Chandran, Vinuppriya Ravichandran, Selvi Chandran, Jincy Chemmanda, Bellan Chandarshekar
Vol 4, No 01 Breakdown of scaling properties in abnormal heart rate variability Abstract   PDF
E. Rodrí­guez, A. de Luca, M. Meraz, J.1 Alvarez-Ramirez
Vol 7, No 02 Capacitive MEMS accelerometer wide range modeling using artificial neural network Abstract   PDF
A. Baharodimehr, A. Abolfazl Suratgar, H. Sadeghi
Vol 2, No 03: vol_2_num_03 Capture of events MIDI in parallel with FPGAs' Abstract   PDF
M. Peña, A. De Luca
Vol 14, No 4 Carbon nanotube-reinforced aluminum composite produced by induction melting Abstract   PDF
Muhammad Mansoor, Muhammad Shahid
Vol 11, No 5 Cell Assignment in Hybrid CMOS/Nanodevices Architecture Using a PSO/SA Hybrid Algorithm Abstract   PDF (Español)
Sadiq M. Sait, Ahmad T. Sheikh, Aiman H. El-Maleh
Vol 13, No 2 Chaos embedded particle swarm optimization algorithm-based solar optimal ReflexTM frequency charge Abstract   PDF
Jui-Ho Chen, Her-Terng Yau, Jin-Han Lu
Vol 13, No 2 Chaotic and dynamic analysis of a flexible rotor supported by ultra short aero-lubricated bearing system Abstract   PDF
Jui-Ho Chen, Cheng-Chi Wang
Vol 11, No 1 Chaotic Synchronization in Nearest-Neighbor Coupled Networks of 3D CNNs Abstract   PDF
H. Serrano-Guerrero, C. Cruz-Hernández, R.M. López-Gutiérrez, L. Cardoza-Avendaño, R.A. Chávez- Pérez
Vol 9, No 01 Chaotic Systems Synchronization Via High Order Observer Design Abstract   PDF
J. L. Mata-Machuca, R. Martínez-Guerra, R. Aguilar-López
Vol 14, No 5 Characterization and chemometric analysis of ancient pot shards trenchedfrom Arpakkam, Tamil Nadu, India Abstract   PDF
Duraisamy Seetha, Gothandapani Velraj
Vol 13, No 5 Characterization and synthesis of a 32-bit asynchronous microprocessorin synchronous reconfigurable devices Abstract   PDF
Adrián Pedroza de la Crúz, José Roberto Reyes Barón, Susana Ortega Cisneros, Juan José Raygoza Panduro, Miguel Ángel Carrazco Díaz, José Raúl Loo Yau
Vol 3, No 03: vol_3_num_03 Characterization of a plane on a coordinate measuring machine of large dimensions Abstract   PDF
N. A. Jaramillo, B. E. Sánchez-Rinza
Vol 6, No 02 Characterization of the powder obtained from wasted tires reduced by pyrolysis and thermal shock process Abstract   PDF
R. Mis-Fernandez, J.A. Azamar-Barrios, C.R. Rios-Soberanis
A. Cruz-Mava, F. Sánchez-Sllva, P. Qulnto-Dlez, M. Toledo-Velázquez
Vol 14, No 1 Chemical sensor network for pH monitoring Abstract   PDF
Claudia Manjarrés, David Garizado, Maria Obregon, Natalia Socarras, Maria Calle, Cecilia Jimenez-Jorquera
Vol 2, No 01: vol_2_num_01 CNC machine tools for low cost micro devices manufacturing Abstract   PDF
E. Kussul, L. Ruiz-Huerta, A. Caballero-Ruiz, A. Kasatkin, L. Kasatkina, T. Baidyk, G. Velasco
Vol 10, No 2 Coagulation/Flocculation of Tannery Wastewater Using Immobilized Chemical Coagulants Abstract   PDF
Imran Q., Hanif M. A., Riaz M. S., Noureen S., Ansari T. M., Bhatti H. N.
Vol 13, No 2 Combined grey prediction fuzzy control law with application to road tunnel ventilation system Abstract   PDF
Yunhua Lin, Lina Ling, Jiantao Chen
Vol 9, No 02 Combining Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Techniques in Fault-Tolerant Control Abstract   PDF
A. Vargas-Martínez, L. E. Garza-Castañón
Vol 12, No 3 Common Fixed Points of Expansive Mappings in Generalized Metric Spaces Abstract   PDF
Priya Shahi, Jatinderdeep Kaur, S. S. Bhatia
Vol 11, No 6 Communications System for Down-Hole Measurements Abstract   PDF
Mijarez-Castro Rito, Rodríguez-Rodríguez H. Joaquín, Pascasio-Maldonado David, Guevara-Gordillo Ricardo
Vol 7, No 03 Comparative Study of Parallel Variants for a Particle Swarm Optimization Abstract   PDF
Gerardo A. Laguna-Sánchez, Mauricio Olguí­n-Carbajal, Nareli Cruz-Cortés, Ricardo Barrón-Fernández, Jesús A. Álvarez-Cedillo
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