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Vol 13, No 3 Comparison among some well known control schemes with different tuning methods Abstract   PDF
R. Kumar, S.K. Singla, V. Chopra
Vol 8, No 01 Complex modes of vibration due to small-scale damping in a guitar topplate Abstract   PDF
J A Torres, P L Rendón, R R Boullosa
Vol 14, No 3 Composite flywheel material design for high-speed energy storage Abstract   PDF
Michael A. Conteh, Emmanuel C. Nsofor
Vol 11, No 3 Comprehensive Comparison of Schedulability Tests for Uniprocessor Rate-Monotonic Scheduling Abstract   PDF
Arnoldo Díaz-Ramírez, Pedro Mejía-Alvarez, Luis E. Leyva-del-Foyo
Vol 13, No 6 Compression of 1030-nm femtosecond pulses after nonlinear spectral broadening in Corning® HI 1060 fiber: Theory and experiment Abstract   PDF
Michael E. Reilly, Richard A. McCracken, Derryck T. Reid, Carl Farrell
Vol 8, No 03 Computation of the Euler Number of a Binary Image Composed of Hexagonal Cells Abstract   PDF
J. H. Sossa-Azuela, E. V. Cuevas-Jiménez, D. Zaldivar-Navarro
Vol 10, No 6 Computer-Based Acoustic Detector for Determining the Type and Concentration of a Solution Abstract   PDF
Tariq M. Younes
Vol 11, No 3 Computing the Euler Number of a Binary Image Based on a Vertex Codification Abstract   PDF
J. H. Sossa-Azuela, R. Santiago-Montero, M. Pérez-Cisneros, E. Rubio-Espino
Vol 10, No 5 Concurrent Dynamic Visualizations With Expressive Petri Net Representations to Enrich the Understanding of Biological and Pathological Processes: an Application to Signaling Pathways Abstract   PDF
F. Ramos, C. Hallal, A. Nieto, D. García, J. Berúmen, D. Escárcega
Vol 12, No 3 Conductivity and Crystallinity of Polyethylene Oxide/Polyaniline Microfibers Obtained by Electrospinning Abstract   PDF
M. Olvera-Gracia, J.R. Aguilar-Hernandez
Vol 10, No 4 Considering Competition to Solve a Flight Schedule and Aircraft Routing Problem for Small Airlines Abstract   PDF (Español)
J. Díaz-Ramírez, Y. Garzón, J.I. Huertas
Vol 1, No 01: vol_1_num_01 Control of a biomass combustor using the general Smith Predictor Abstract   PDF
R. Ramí­rez, A. Aguado
Vol 8, No 02 Control of a Class of Sulfate Reducing Chemostat Via Feedback Polynomial Injection Abstract   PDF
R. Aguilar-Lopez, V. Peña-Caballero, M. I. Neria-Gonzalez
Vol 1, No 01: vol_1_num_01 Control of a saddle node bifurcation in a power system using a PID controller Abstract   PDF
D. Rosas, C. Amaro, J. Alvarez
Vol 12, No 1 Control System Development for a Raman Spectrometer Using Microcontroller Technology Abstract   PDF
Alejandro J. Giménez, Rivelino Flores Farías, J. M. Yáñez-Limón
Vol 11, No 1 Controller Design of STATCOM for Power System Stability Improvement Using Honey Bee Mating Optimization Abstract   PDF
A. Safari, A. Ahmadian, M. A. A. Golkar
Vol 12, No 2 Cooperative Supply Chain Management under Asymmetric Information Abstract   PDF
W. Y. Xu, Z. J. Zhang, D. Q. Gong
Vol 14, No 2 Core saturation effects of geomagnetic induced currents in power transformers Abstract   PDF (Español)
José Ramírez-Niño, Carlos Haro-Hernández, Joaquín Héctor Rodriguez-Rodriguez, Rito Mijarez
Vol 11, No 6 Critical Factors toward Successful R&D Projects in Public Research Centers: a Primer Abstract   PDF
A. Barragán-Ocaña, J. Zubieta-García
Vol 11, No 5 Cropping Resilient Watermarking Based on Histogram Modification Abstract   PDF (Español)
M. Cedillo-Hernandez, M. Nakano-Miyatake, F. Garcia-Ugalde, H. Perez-Meana
Vol 8, No 01 Cross‐Layer optimization of the packet loss rate in mobile videoconferencing applications Abstract   PDF
R Rivera Rodríguez, O E Olivares Domínguez, A SerranoSantoyo
Vol 11, No 4 Cultural Evolution Algorithm for Global Optimizations and its Applications Abstract   PDF
H. C. Kuo, C. H. Lin
Vol 11, No 1 Current Transformer Saturation Detection Using Gaussian Mixture Models Abstract   PDF
M. Moghimi Haji, B. Vahidi, S. H. Hosseinian
Vol 12, No 6 Cyclostationarity-Based Detection of Randomly Arriving or Departing Signals Abstract   PDF
S. R. Lee, S. Yoo, H. Liu, S. Yoon, Y. Lee
Vol 12, No 5 Daily Logistics Planning With Multiple 3PLs: A Case Study in a Chemical Company Abstract   PDF
G. Ozsakalli, D. Ozdemir, S. Ozcan, B. Sarioglu, A. Dincer
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