Yesica Danitzel Montiel Orihuela, Abril Berenice Macías Torres, Andrea Feliciano Cruz, Norma Coffin Cabrera, Leonard A. Jason, Brenda Lara, Madison Sunnquist


The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is a rather frequent disorder linked to pathological fatigue that causes discomfort and alters an individual’s lifestyle quality.  Since the CFS has a multi-etiological nature, it is not easy to make a timely diagnosis, since currently diagnosis is based on the exclusion of medical or psychiatric causes.  Research has demonstrated that the CFS may be found in several countries with diverse socio-cultural conditions.  Only a handful of studies have been conducted in Mexico that tackle the subject of the commonness of the CFS from a cross-cultural perspective.  So this study shows both the differences and similarities found in the commonness of the CFS among students of the DePaul University and students of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.


Palabras clave

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome; multi-etiological; cross-cultural and prevalence.

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