The San Pedro Mártir Planetary Nebula Kinematic Catalogue: Extragalactic Planetary Nebulae

M. G. Richer, J. A. López, E. Díaz-Méndez, H. Riesgo, S. H. Báez, Ma. T. García-Díaz, J: Meaburn, D. M. Clark, R. M. Calderón Olvera, G. López Soto, O. Toledano Rebolo


We present kinematic data for 211 bright planetary nebulae in eleven Local Group galaxies: M31 (137 PNe), M32 (13), M33 (33), Fornax (1), Sagittarius (3), NGC 147 (2), NGC 185 (5), NGC 205 (9), NGC 6822 (5), Leo A (1), and Sextans A (1). The data were acquired at the Observatorio Astronomico Nacional in the Sierra de San Pedro Martir using the 2.1 m telescope and the Manchester Echelle Spectrometer in the light of [O III]λ5007 at a resolution of 11 km s−1. A few objects were observed in Hα. The internal kinematics of bright planetary nebulae do not depend strongly upon the metallicity or age of their progenitor stellar populations, though small systematic differences exist. The nebular kinematics and Hβ luminosity require that the nebular shells be accelerated during the early evolution of their central stars. Thus, kinematics provides an additional argument favoring similar stellar progenitors for bright planetary nebulae in all galaxies.


ISM: kinematics and dynamics; Local Group; planetary nebulae: general; stars: evolution

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