Speckle Interferometry at the Observatorio Astronómico Nacional. II

V. G. Orlov, V. V. Voitsekhovich, J. L. Rivera, C. A. Guerrero, F. Ortiz


We present speckle interferometric measurements of binary stars made during June of 2009 with the 1.5 m telescope of the Observatorio Astronómico Nacional at SPM (Mexico). The data contain 189 position angle and separation measures of 144 systems. The measured angular separations range from 0′′.16 to 3′′.64. The maximum magnitude of the brighter component is 10.96. The mean error in separation is 0′′.02 and in the position angles 1.5◦. Some of the position angles were determined with the usual 180◦ ambiguity.


binaries: visual; stars: fundamental parameters; techniques: high angular resolution; techniques: interferometric

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