A Photometric Study of the W UMa Type Eclipsing Binary V376 And

G. Djuraševic, F. Ekmekçi, B. Albayrak, S. O. Selam, S. Erkapic


The new UBV photoelectric light curves of V376 And acquired at Ankara University Observatory in 2004 by the present authors and its BV light curves collected at Rozhen and Bucharest Observatories in 2003 (Dumitrescu et al. 2004) have been analysed and reanalysed, respectively, with the aim to derive physical parameters and to study the possible activity of the system. The solutions made by using Djuraševic's inverse-problem method in the simultaneous analysis of both seasonal light curves describe the V376 And system as a high overcontact conguration (f-over ~ 36% - 2004 and f-over ~ 55% - 2003) with relatively large temperature difference between components (ΔT = T-h — T-c ~ 880 — 840 K) which is characteristic for an A-type contact system. The light curve asymmetry can be explained by introducing the cool (solar type) spot region on the less massive, cooler, component.


binaries: close; binaries: eclipsing; stars: fundamental parameters; stars: individual (V376 And)

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