Kinematic field of the S-shaped nebula N119 in the LMC

P. Ambrocio-Cruz, M. Rosado, A. Laval, E. Le Coarer, D. Russeil, P. Amram


The nebula N119 in the Large Magellanic Cloud shows a very conspicuous morphology difficult to explain with classical models. The aim of the present paper is to provide kinematic data that could place constraints on the nature, formation and evolution of N119. The peculiar spiral shape of this nebula is also reflected in a peculiar radial velocity eld, showing several expansions of the faint laments which form dierent bubble-like regions, and another component whose origin remains unrevealed. N119 seems to contain three expanding bubble-shaped nebulae formed by the action of the stellar winds from Wolf-Rayet and O stars, and a possible remnant of an hypernova explosion. Indeed, we have detected for the rst time a bubble around the WR star Br 21, inside the N119 nebula.


H II regions; ISM: bubbles; ISM: individual (N 119); ISM: kinematics and dynamics; ISM: supernova remnants

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