Bipolar clump ejection from a moving source

J. Cantó, A. C. Raga, L. Loinard, L. F. Rodríguez


We present a model for the bipolar ejection of clumps from a source travelling within the surrounding, homogeneous ambient medium. The model has a full analytic solution, from which we derive parameters which can be directly compared with observations (e. g., the orientation of the line joining the two clumps and the separation between the clumps as a function of time). We compare the analytic model with a full 3D numerical simulation (with a parametrized cooling function), and find that the positions of the clumps obtained from the analytic model agree relatively well with the results from the numerical simulation.


ISM: jets and out ows; ISM: kinematics and dynamics; stars: pre- main sequence; stars: mass los

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