The Photometric Variability of HH 30

A. M. Watson, M. C. Durán-Rojas, K. R. Stapelfeldt


HH 30 is an edge-on disk around a young stellar object. Previous imaging with the Hubble Space Telescope has show morphological variability that is possibly related to the rotation of the star or the disk. We report the results of two terrestrial observing campaigns to monitor the integrated magnitude of HH 30. We use the Lomb-Scargle periodogram to look for periodic modulation with periods between 2 days and almost 90 days in these two data sets and in a third, previously published, data set. We develop a method to deal with short-term correlations in the data. Our results indicate that none of the data sets shows evidence for signicant periodic photometric modulation.


accretion, accretion disks; circumstellar matter; stars: individual (HH 30); stars: pre-main sequence

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