Age Estimation And Mass Functions of TTauri Stars in The Taurus Auriga Molecular Cloud

I. Küçük, I. Akkaya


In this work the present day mass functions (PDMF) of T-Tauri Stars (TTS) which are in the pre-main sequence (PMS) evolutionary phase of their evolution in the Taurus-Auriga Molecular Cloud Complex have been calculated. For this purpose, by applying our modied stellar evolutionary code, stellar models in the mass range 0.1 - 2.5 M⊙ are used to determine the mass and age mass of TTS. The obtained mass function is compared with the mass function of Miller & Scalo (1979). The age found for TTS is around 1 - 3⁶ × 10 yr and the mass function is about 0.644±0.348. From these results, we have calculated the stellar birthrate as about 1.3 × 10⁻ ⁷ M⊙ yr⁻¹ in this region.


open clusters and associations: general; stars: evolution; stars: fundamental parameters; stars: pre-main sequence

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