A Compact Radio Counterpart to the Energetic X-ray Pulsar Associated with the TeV Gamma-Ray Source J1813-178

Sergio Dzib, Luis F. Rodríguez, Laurent Loinard


We report the detection of a time-variable, compact radio source coincident with CXOU J181335.1{174957, the X-ray pulsar near the center of the young radio supernova remnant G12.82{0.02, which overlaps the compact TeV source HESS J1813{178. The compact radio source, named VLA J181335.1{174957, was detected in 4.86 GHz VLA observations made in 2006. New VLA observations made in 2009 do not detect the source at a level 1.9±0.7 times (2.8σ) lower than that of 2006. We suggest that VLA J181335.1{174957 may be related to one of the recently detected classes of variable radio pulsars but cannot reach a firmer conclusion.


ISM: individual (G12.82{0.02); ISM: supernova remnants; pulsars: individual (CXOU J181335.1{174957)

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