A turbulent model for the surface brightness of extragalactic jets

L. Zaninetti


This paper summarizes the known physics of turbulent jets observed in laboratory experiments. The formula, which gives the power released in turbulence describes the concentration of turbulence/relativistic particles in each point of the astrophysical jets. The same expression is also used to analyze the power released in turbulence in the case of pipe and non-Newtonian  fluids. Through an integral operation it is possible to deduce the intensity of synchrotron radiation for a prole perpendicular (or not) to a straight jet, a 2D map for a perpendicular, randomly oriented straight jet, as well as a 2D map of complex trajectories such as NCC 4061 and 3C31. Presented here is a simulation of the spectral index in brightness of 3C273 as well as a 2D map of the degree of linear polarization. The Sobel operator is applied to the theoretical 2D maps of straight perpendicular jets.


galaxies: jets; radio continuum: galaxies

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