Chemical Abundances of the magnetic CP star HD 168733

A. Collado, Z. López-García


A detailed abundance analysis has been carried out for the magnetic CP star HD 168733 using high-resolution spectra obtained with the EBASIM echelle spectrograph at the 2.1 m CASLEO telescope in Argentina. The spectral coverage is 382{700 nm. It is neither a silicon nor a mercury-manganese star. Compared to the Sun, C and N are slightly overabundant, while Mg and S are decient, Si is normal and P and Cl are overabundant. The iron peak elements Sc, Ti, Cr and Fe are overabundant. Lines of Ti III and Fe III are also identied. HD 168733 shows a great overabundance of Ga, Sr, Y, Zr, Xe, Pt, Hg and of some rare earths.


stars: abundances; stars: chemically peculiar; stars: individual (HD 168733)

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