Radial Dependence of Extinction in Parent Galaxies of Supernovae

D. Onic, B. Arbutina, D. Uroševic


The problem of extinction is the most important issue to be dealt with in the process of obtaining true absolute magnitudes of core-collapse (including stripped-envelope) supernovae (SNe). The plane-parallel model, widely used in the past, was shown not to describe extinction adequately. We try to apply an alternative model which introduces radial dependance of extinction in parent galaxies of supernovae. For calculating extinction in our Galaxy we use two different methods and compare the results obtained. Our analysis is primarily focused on a chosen sample of stripped-envelope SNe (Ib/c) for which we nd intrinsic peak absolute magnitude M^0_B = -17.80 ± 0.43.


galaxies: spiral; ISM: dust, extinction; supernovae: general

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