An atlas of synthetic line profiles of planetary nebulae

C. Morisset, G. Stasiska


We have constructed a grid of photoionization models of spherical, elliptical and bipolar planetary nebulae. Assuming different velocity fields, we have computed line profiles corresponding to different orientations, slit sizes and positions. The atlas is meant both for didactic purposes and for the interpretation of data on real nebulae. As an application, we have shown that line profiles are often degenerate, and that recovering the geometry and velocity field from observations requires lines from ions with different masses and different ionization potentials. We have also shown that the empirical way to measure mass-weighted expansion velocities from observed line widths is reasonably accurate if considering the HWHM. For distant nebulae, entirely covered by the slit, the unknown geometry and orientation do not alter the measured velocities statistically. The atlas is freely accessible from
internet. The Cloudy-3D suite and the associated VISNEB tool are available on request.


line: pro files; methods: numerical; planetary nebulae: general; turbulence

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