Chemical Composition in Fast Rotators Main Sequence Stars

C. R. Fierro, L. Georgiev


Using public data of the Ultraviolet and Visual Echelle Spectrograph Paranal Observatory Project (UVES POP) the projected rotational velocities, v sin i, for 16 stars in the field of the galactic cluster IC 2391 (o Vel Cluster) were obtained using the method of the Fourier transform (FT). We found that only 12 of these objects are cluster members and separating them in two sets (main sequence stars and evolved stars) a correlation of the rotation velocity with the effective temperature was found, indicating a nearly equal orientation of the rotation axis for the member stars. The ratios N/C and O/C obtained for the main sequence stars increase with v sin i and show evidence of mixing induced by rotation.


stars: early-type; stars: abundances; stars: rotation

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