The San Pedro Mártir Kinematic Catalogue of Galactic Planetary Nebulae

J. A. López, M. G. Richer, M. T. García-Díaz, D. M. Clark, J. Meaburn, H. Riesgo, W. Steffen, M. Lloyd


The San Pedro Mártir kinematic catalogue of galactic planetary nebulae provides spatially resolved, long-slit, Echelle spectra for about 600 planetary nebulae. The data are presented wavelength calibrated and corrected for heliocentric motion. For most objects multiple spectra have been acquired and images with accurate slit positions on the nebula are also presented for each object. This is the most extensive and homogeneous single source of data concerning the internal kinematics of the ionized nebular material in planetary nebulae. Data can be retrieved for individual objects or selected by groups that share some common characteristic, such as by morphological classes, galactic population, binary cores, presence of fast outflows, etc. The catalogue is available through the world wide web at

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