Optical Spectroscopic Atlas of the MOJAVE/2cm AGN Sample

J. Torrealba, V. Chavushyan, I. Cruz-González, T. G. Arshakian, E. Bertone, D. Rosa-González


We present an optical spectroscopic atlas at intermediate resolution (8–15 Å) for 123 core-dominated radio-loud active galactic nuclei with relativistic jets, drawn from the MOJAVE/2cm sample at 15 GHz. It is the first time that spectroscopic and photometric parameters for a large sample of such type of AGN are presented. The atlas includes spectral parameters for the emission lines Hβ, O IIIλ5007, Mg IIλ2798 and/or C IVλ1549 and corresponding data for the continuum, as well as the luminosities and equivalent widths of the Fe II UV/optical. It also contains the homogeneous photometric information in the B-band for 242 sources of the sample, with a distribution peak at BJ=18.0 and a magnitude interval of 11.1 ≤ BJ ≤ 23.7.

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