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Technical articles

Low-Cost Interface Using a Parallel Port and Visual Basic
Rogelio Escobar, Kennon A. Lattal 7-21

Empirical Articles

The mothering authoritarian and permissive asynchrony in child abuse
Ariel Vite Sierra, Florente Lopez Rodriguez 23-34
Experimental evaluation of two brief interventions for the reduction of alcohol consumption in teenagers
Kalina Isela Martínez Martínez, Francisco Javier Pedroza Cabrera, Martha Leticia Salazar Garza, María de los Ángeles Vacío Rubio 35-53
The Operant Conditioning of Letter String Problem Solving
Marco Antonio Pulido Rull, Cindy Hernández, Lilian M. Peña, Nora M. Ponce, Monserrat Rebolledo 55-76

Conceptual Articles

What is the status of the concept "history of reinforcement", frequently used in behavior analysis?
Tiberio Pérez Manrique, Mauricio García Marulanda 77-91
Behavioral Momentum Theory as a Guideline for Historical Research
Marco Antonio Pulido, Brisa D. López 93-101
George B. Kish and his contributions for Sensory Reinforcement
Alicia Roca 103-115
Workaholism: Contingential radiography of an addiction
María del Rocío Hernández Pozo 117-135


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