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Letter from the Editor PDF
Francisco Ramos Gómez, Efraín R. Chávez L.


Neutron spectra and H*(10) of photoneutrons inside the vault room of an 18 MV LINAC PDF
A. Bañuelos Frías, C. G. Borja-Hernández, K. Guzmán García, C. Valero Luna, V. M. Hernández Dávila, H. R. Vega Carrillo
Neutron absorbed dose in a pacemaker CMOS PDF
C. G. Borja Hernández, K. A. Guzmán García, C. Valero Luna, A. Bañuelos Frías, L. Paredes Gutiérrez, V. M. Hernández Dávila, H. R. Vega Carrillo
Position sensitive detection system for charged particles PDF
E. A. Coello, F. Favela, Q. Curiel, E. Chávez, A. Huerta, A. Varela, D. Shapira
Relative intensities of gadolinium L X-Rays, induced by proton bombardment at energies between 200 keV to 750 keV PDF
C. E. Canto, O. G. de Lucio, J. G. Morales, J. C. Pineda
40K measurement to determine the total potassium content PDF
E. Escareño Juárez, H. R. Vega Carrillo
Ageing effects on polymeric track detectors: studies of etched tracks at nanosize scale using atomic force microscope PDF
G. Espinosa, J. I. Golzarri, R. Fragoso, C. Vazquez Lopez
Passive neutron area monitor with TLD pairs PDF
K. A. Guzmán García, C. G. Borja Hernández, C. Valero Luna, V. M. Hernández Dávila, H. R. Vega Carrillo
Determination of uranium and polonium in Sparus aurata by alpha spectrometry PDF
M. Luna Porres, G. Manjón Collado, I. Díaz, M. Rentería, M. E. Montero Cabrera
Thermoluminescence characteristics of the irradiated minerals extracted from red pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) spice PDF
J. Marcazzó, E. Cruz Zaragoza, L. Montiel, V. Chernov, T. Calderón
Application of the alpha spectrometry for the study of core sediment extracted in the San Marcos dam in Chihuahua PDF
C. Méndez García, R. García Tenorio, M. Rentería Villalobos, María Elena Montero Cabrera
Measurement of L X-ray production cross sections by impact of protons with energies between 2.5 MeV and 5.0 MeV in selected lanthanoids PDF
J. Miranda, G. Murillo, B. Méndez, J. López Monroy, J. Aspiazu, P. Villaseñor
Radioactive hydrogeochemical processes in the Chihuahua-Sacramento Basin, Mexico PDF
J. C. Burillo, M. Reyes Cortés, M. E. Montero Cabrera, I. Reyes, M. S. Espino, M. Rentería Villalobos, E. F. Herrera Peraza
Particle induced X-ray emission of lake sediment PDF
G. F. Peaslee, P. A. DeYoung
Synthesis of Potassium and Calcium Uranovanadates, analogues of Carnotite and Metatyuyamunite Minerals PDF
J. L. Requena Yáñez, M. Reyes Cortés, E. Torres Moye, D. Lardizabal, H. Riveros, M. E. Montero Cabrera
Capture of air particulate matter and gaseous Hg0 by ionic liquids analyzed by PIXE PDF
M. A. Martínez Carrillo, C. Solís, E. Andrade, M. A. Mondagón, G. Murillo, B. Méndez
Neutron area monitor with passive detector PDF
C. Valero Luna, K. A. Guzmán García, C. G. Borja Hernández, V. M. Hernández Dávila, H. R. Vega Carrillo


Paraxial theory of sum-frequency generation by sideways alignment and phase-matching in uniaxial crystals PDF
S. Hacyan


Modulation of coherence and polarization using nematic 90º-twist liquid-crystal spatial light modulators PDF
C. Rickenstorff, E. Flores, M. A. Olvera Santamaría, A. S. Ostrovsky
On maximizing positive Lyapunov exponents in a chaotic oscillator with heuristics PDF
L. G. de la Fraga, E. Tlelo-Cuautle, V. H. Carbajal Gómez, J. M. Muñoz Pacheco
On the scope and importance of the Revista Mexicana de Física in the Mexican and Latin American Physical Science Community PDF
F. Ramos Gómez, Raúl Espejel Morales