Variations in slot size of self-ligating brackets

Marco Antonio Lugo Ancona


The purpose of this study was to assess four different self-ligating bracket designs to determine which has the most accurate slot dimensions in the 0.022” dimension. Forty brackets of four different self-ligating bracket designs (Damon 3, Damon 3 MX, InOvation, Forestadent) were randomly selected. The brackets were measured at the slot height 2 times on each side, in the internal portion of the slot and in its most external portion using a Nikon Profile Projector model V-16D. The mean value of the slot height measurement at the internal portion was for Damon 3 brackets: 0.02332” ± 0.00030”; for Damon 3 MX, 0.02305” ± 0.00040”; for InOvation, 0.02264” ± 0.00032”, and for Forestadent, 0.02341” ± 0.00032”. At the height measurement in the outer portion of the slot, the mean value for Damon 3 was 0.02333” ± 0.00038”; for Damon 3 MX, 0.02337” ± 0.00044”; for InOvation, 0.02295” ± 0.00032”; and for Forestadent, 0.02345” ± 0.00025”. The slot walls in the Damon bracket were parallel and in the other three self-ligating bracket designs, they were divergent. The results showed that there were statistically significant differences in terms of internal and external slot dimensions of the four different designs of self-ligating brackets (p < 0.05).

Key words: Slot, brackets, self-ligating.

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