Therapeutic management of a pseudo class III malocclusion. Case report

Diego Fernando López Buitrago


Skeletal class III discrepancy has been a therapeutic challenge due to the fact that its therapeutic management seeks not only the correction of the malocclusion but also the aesthetic component of the patient which is affected according to the severity of the discrepancy. Likewise, anterior crossbites are characteristic of skeletal, dental and even functional class III malocclusions and may prevent sagittal maxillary development in growing patients thus becoming a skeletal anomaly. Hence it is important to intercept this malocclusion as early as possible in order to prevent it from transforming into a true discrepancy. This case report discusses the timely intervention of a pseudo Class III malocclusion with the aim of changing the sagittal and vertical position of the incisors to guide and maintain the growth remnant stable towards a Class I dental occlusion in a 13-year-old patient who had previously received orthopedic treatment without a positive result. The case was handled in the clinics of the post-graduate Program in Orthodontics at the Dental School of the Universidad del Valle, Cali, Colombia.

Key words: Class III malocclusion, interceptive orthodontics, crossbite

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