Surgical-orthodontic treatment for skeletal class III correction. Case report

Rafael Mora Hurtado, Isaac Guzmán Valdivia, Manuel Olivar Cedeño, Óscar Miranda Herrera


A 21-year-old patient attended the Orthodontics Clinic of the Division of Postgraduate Studies and Research at the Faculty of Dentistry, UNAM. The main reason for consultation was a crossbite. Upon facial assessment, in the frontal view, a dolichofacial face, a positive smile, hypertonic chin, thick lips, matching dental and facial midlines and lip incompetence were observed. Intraorally she presented mild dental crowding, dental rotations, matching dental midlines, square-shaped arches, bilateral class III molar and canine relationship, posterior cross bite on the left side and an edge to edge bite. Model analysis showed an upper tooth-bone discrepancy of -2 mm and in the lower arch, -3.5 mm. Overbite was 0 mm and overjet, 0 mm.

Palabras clave

Class III malocclusion, prognathism, orthognathic surgery.

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