Use of resorbable bicortical screws as an alternative in mnadibular orthognatic surgery. Presentation of two cases and literature review

Rodrigo Liceaga Reyes, Guillermo Velázquez Gracia


The use of plates and resorbable screws of polylactic and polyglycolic acid allows that these  osteosynthesis materials be used as substitution of traditional materials like titanium, in pediatric as well as in adult cases. When compared to titanium, they still show some disadvantages like discomfort during use and financial cost, many studies show they are a valid  alternative to osteosynthesis with titanium in most clinical situations.

In this report  two clinical cases are described  where resorbable materials like maxillofacial osteosynthesis, and advantages and disasdvantages are assessed as well as characteristics of these materials. Advantages and disadvantages are also assessed with respect to two cases where this material was used. Present indications of resorbable osteosythesis according to literature are also documented.

Palabras clave

Orthognatic surgery, resorbable screws

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